It’s about the spectacularization of everyday life as a form of relationship through the image-show in the network.

Target: participants of and their Facebook contacts

Objective: to reflect on our image in social networks as a form of contemporary relationship.

Prerequirements: participants must have an active Facebook profile.


  1. Participants must enter on their Facebook profile and select a public picture of one of their friends, which will be intervened by Intimidad Romero. to do this, you must tag Intimidad in the picture, so she can know the chosen photo and perform the intervention.
    Creating the album “Your-stolen Friends” on Intimidad Romero’s Facebook profile: she will intervene the image tagged by each participant (partial pixelization and removing focus). load the intervened image in the album “Your-stolen Friends”, tagging the participant and the friend owner of the initial image.

    It is recommended to contextualize Intimidad Romero’s project prior to the start of the activity. some short texts on the project written by different authors will be attached here, as well as an explanatory text on the history and development of the project, from its start in 2010.